Welcome to BTSD Tuscaloosa Martial Arts!

The Bujinkan Taka-Seigi Dojo (Hawk Justice School of the Warrior) in Tuscaloosa, Alabama provides authentic martial arts training.

  • We do not train for competitions. You will train for real hand-to-hand combat designed to get you back home to your family and loved ones alive.
  • You will train to move in a natural, dynamic and efficient way with other people, rather than performing static repetitions in the air.
  • Our training can accommodate any sincere person who wants to train, regardless of race, sex, physical size, or occupation. You don’t even need any prior training in martial arts. Just come ready to learn!

Learn more about BTSD Tuscaloosa Martial Arts:

About us

Learn about our dojo, training and philosophy, history, and instructors.

Training Programs

Learn more about our classes, seminars and workshops, and other special events.

Class Times and Location

Check out our dojo location and training schedule

BTSD Tuscaloosa Martial Arts Blog

Read articles written by the actual members of our dojo. Learn more about different people’s perspectives on certain ideas, read seminar reviews, news articles, and more!

For more information please contact us via the form below or email us at tuscaloosamartialarts@gmail.com

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