Training Programs

Group Classes

Our regular classes are comprehensive and dynamic. No one class is like another, but each one builds off of the others. Classes are always changing, challenging, and realistic. Classes consist of an array of different sized people, both male and female, young and old, of varying backgrounds.

Seminars and Workshops

At least once a month a seminar or workshop will be hosted by other dojo in the state, usually either in Birmingham or Huntsville. The instructor at that dojo will often host Shihan (10th dan-15th dan) from around the country, or even straight from Japan. These shihan usually teach on a particular theme or concept for a weekend, often the yearly theme of the Bujinkan, and will offer a radically different perspective on training than we are used to experiencing within our groups. These seminars also give us a chance to meet and become friends with other practitioners from around the state. This allows us to expand and open our minds and hearts to really feel the spirit transmitted in this art.

Once a month, if there is no major seminar nearby, the BTSD Tuscaloosa dojo will be going to train with the Magic City Dojo in Birmingham with Shihan Mike Tucker (10th Dan).( This is to frequently give us access to higher level training when no other shidoshi or shihan are teaching in the area.

Links for martial arts supplies, training gear and outfits:

For more information please contact us via the form below or email us at

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